Hebaalla Agha and Dr. Chris McCurdy’s sigma receptor review featured on cover of Royal Society of Chemistry’s Medicinal Chemistry journal

Graduate student Hebaalla Agha and her faculty mentor, Medicinal Chemistry Professor Chris McCurdy, Ph.D., had their review article featured as the cover story for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s February 2021 Medicinal Chemistry journal. The article reviews the principles of molecular imaging with known sigma-1 receptor, or S1R, radioligands, along with S1R labeling applications in various disease states.

RSC Medicinal Chemistry Cover Feb. 2021Highlighted in the review are S1R radioligands that have demonstrated considerable potential as biomarkers in humans with the ultimate goal of better health care outcomes, according to Agha. “I am so lucky to be here at UF. The university has a great environment that encourages graduate students to compete and grow as independent scientists,” she said.