Student award winners announced for the department of medicinal chemistry

The department of medicinal chemistry in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy celebrated its student award winners for 2021-22 on June 24. The following graduate students took home top honors at the ceremony.

Junior Award for Excellence: Alexis Smith and Breanne Freeman

Best Research Student Award: Qi Hu

Best Graduate Student Seminar Presentation Award Junior Division: David Blanco, Alexis Smith

Best Graduate Student Seminar Presentation Award Senior Division: Zachary Rabinowitz

Best Research Paper Awards: Susan Matthew (Luesch), Jun Liu (Cui), Nelson Jeng-Yeou Chear (McCurdy) and Hongfen Yang (Huigens)

Exemplary Service Student Award: Daniel Schultz, Garret Rubin and Jessica Mamallapalli

Top Graduating Student Award (2021): Kelton Schleyer

Margaret O. James Top Graduating Student Award (2022): Manyun Chen

Student Award 2022
Margaret James, Ph.D., and Hendrik Luesch, Ph.D., present Manyun Chen with the Top Graduating Student Award.