Annual award ceremony honors medicinal chemistry graduate students

Department of medicinal chemistry

2023 Award Winners

The department of medicinal chemistry held its annual award ceremony to recognizes the top graduate students on Aug. 9, in the HPNP Atrium. These were the award winners honored at the ceremony.

Grad Student Awards 2023

Award Categories and Winners

Graduate Seminar Awards:

Best Grad Student Seminar Award (Senior Division): Zachary Rabinowitz

Best Grad Student Seminar Award (Junior Division): Emma Ellis, & Meng-Lun Hsieh

Junior Student Awards for Excellence

Yuzhao Zhang

Best Research Student Award

Ke Liu

Best Research Paper Awards

Liu, K.; Abouelhassan, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Jin, S.; Huigens III, R.W.*Transcript Profiling of Nitroxoline-Treated Biofilms Shows a Rapid Upregulation of Iron Acquisition Gene Clusters.ACS Infect. Dis. 2022, 8, 1594-1605.

Pohl, M. O.; Martin-Sancho, L.; Ratnayake, R.; White, K. M.; Riva, L.; Chen, Q,-Y.; Lieber, G.; Busnadiego, I.; Yin, X.; Lin, S.; Pu, Y.; Pache, L.; Rosales, R.; Déjosez, M.; Qin, Y.; De Jesus, P. D.; Beall, A.; Yoh, S.; Hale, B. G.; Zwaka, T. P.; Matsunaga, N.; García-Sastre, A.; Stertz, S.; Chanda, S. K.; Luesch, H.* “Sec61 Inhibitor Apratoxin S4 Potently Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 and Exhibits Broad-Spectrum Antiviral ActivityACS Infect. Dis. 2022, 8, 1265–1279.

Berthold EC, Kamble SH, Raju KS, Kuntz MA, Senetra AS, Mottinelli M, León F, Restrepo LF, Patel A, Ho NP, Hiranita T, Sharma A, McMahon LR, McCurdy CR.*The Lack of Contribution of 7-Hydroxymitragynine to the Antinociceptive Effects of Mitragynine in Mice: A Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic StudyDrug Metab Dispos. 2022 50(2):158-167.

Bian, T.; Wang, Y.; Botello, J.F.; Hu, Q.; Jiang, Y.; Zingone, A.; Aly, F.Z.; Ding, H.; Wu, Y.; Aly, F. Z.; Saloum, R. G.; Warren, G.; Huo, Z.; Ryan, B.M.; Jin, L.; Xing, C.*LKB1 phosphorylation and deactivation in lung cancer by NNAL, a metabolite of tobacco-specific carcinogen, in an isomer-dependent manner”, Oncogene, 2022, 41(33): 4042-4054.

T-32 Trainees

Emma Ellis

Training Grant Awardees

Alexis Smith (Team-based Interdisciplinary Cancer Research Training program; TICaRT)

Breanne Freeman (Team-based Interdisciplinary Cancer Research Training program; TICaRT)

Professional Service Award

Zachary Rabinowitz

Breanne Freeman

Jessica Mamallapalli

Margaret James Top Graduating Student Award

Lobna Elsadek