Schedule: PHA 6934, Seminar in Medicinal Chemistry

Tuesdays 12:45-1:45 PM C1-004. *The March 5th seminar will be in C1-017*

Spring 2024 Seminar Schedule

Date Presenter Seminar title
9-Jan Yujia Jiang Site-specific bioorthogonal protein labelling by tetrazine ligation using endogenous β-amino acid dienophiles
16-Jan Breanne Freeman Covalent Modifier Discovery Using Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange−Mass Spectrometry
23-Jan Erin Soloman Total synthesis of nine longiborneol sesquiterpenoids using a functionalized camphor strategy
30-Jan Emma Ellis Discovery of a Novel Bifunctional Steroid Analog, YXG-158, as an Androgen Receptor Degrader and CYP17A1 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Enzalutamide-Resistant Prostate Cancer
6-Feb COP Research Showcase
13-Feb Peter Ramdhan Discovery of High-Affinity Amyloid Ligands Using a Ligand-Based Virtual Screening Pipeline
13-Feb Christian Barnard Structure−Activity Relationship Study of Cannabidiol-Based Analogs as Negative Allosteric Modulators of the μ‐Opioid Receptor
20-Feb Yifan Wang Metabolism-Guided Selective Androgen Receptor Antagonists: Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation for Activity against Enzalutamide-Resistant Prostate Cancer
20-Feb Seif Abouheif Collateral sensitivity profiling in drug- resistant Escherichia coli identifies natural products suppressing cephalosporin resistance
27-Feb Chi-Yuan Sulfamate Acetamides as Self-Immolative Electrophiles for Covalent Ligand-Directed Release Chemistry
27-Feb Hsin-Ying Tsai Target-Agnostic P-Glycoprotein Assessment Yields Strategies to Evade Efflux, Leading to a BRAF Inhibitor with Intracranial Efficacy
5-Mar Meng-Lun Hsieh Engineered skin bacteria induce antitumor T cell responses against melanoma
12-Mar Spring Break
19-Mar Shelby Green Indazole as a Phenol Bioisostere: Structure−Affinity Relationships of GluN2B-Selective NMDA Receptor Antagonists
26-Mar Chen Zhou TBD
2-Apr Allison Lynch Ablation of p57+ Quiescent Cancer Stem Cells Suppresses Recurrence after Chemotherapy of Intestinal Tumors
9-Apr Zachary Rabinowitz TBD
16-Apr Zhishen Wang Near-infrared-activated anticancer platinum(IV) complexes directly photooxidize biomolecules in an oxygen-independent manner
23-Apr Saikat Poddar TBD

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