Statewide Awards

UF Drug Discovery Symposium

2019 –  Winners from Medicinal Chemistry
Oral Presentation – Student Category:
Verrill (Chip) Norwood, Preventing Morphine Seeking Behavior through the Re-Engineering of Vincamine’s Biological Activity
Yi Zhang, Reconstitution of the Biosynthesis of Multiple Microviridin Core Peptides reveals Synergy between Processing Enzymes

Oral Presentation – Postdoctoral Category:
Sebastiano Intagliata,
Synthesis and Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of New Σ Receptor Ligands with Anti-Neuropathic Pain Effects in Mice


Poster Presentation – Student Category:
Guandge Jiang,
One-Pot Biocombinatorial Synthesis of Herbicidal Thaxtomins and Substituted Aromatic 2,5-Diketopiperazines
Kelton Schleyer,
Responsive Fluorophore Aggregation Provides Contrast for Lifetime Imaging in Cells


Poster Presentation – Postdoctoral Category:
Alejandra Chavez-Riveros, Tryptoline Induced C-N Bond Cleavage of Indole Alkaloids: A Platform to Generate Novel Small Molecules for Drug Discovery


2017 – Winners from Medicinal Chemistry
Oral Presentation – Student Category:
Nick Paciaroni, Ring Distortion of Yohimbine Leads to Diverse Biological Discoveries

Poster Presentation – Student Category:
Yasmeen Abouelhassan, Discovery of Halogenated Phenazines, Hydroxyquinolines and NH125 Small Molecules as Potent Biofilm-Eradicating Agents of Gram-Positive Pathogens and MRSA Persister Cell Killers
Chip Norwood, Complexity-to-Diversity on the Indole-Containing Natural Product Vincamine
Ran Zuo, Developing Biocatalytic Processes for the Synthesis of Nitro Compound

2016 – Winners from Medicinal Chemistry
Poster Presentation – Student Category:
Danmeng Luo, Total Synthesis of the Potent Marine-Derived Elastase Inhibitor Lyngbyastatin 7 and In Vitro Biological Evaluation in Model Systems for Pulmonary Diseases
Yasmeen Abouelhassan, Discovery of Potent Halogenated Phenazine and Quinoline Small Molecule Biofilm-Eradicating Agents