Ran Zuo

Ran Zuo
Ran Zuo


  • Master of Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science, Biotechnology, Minzu University of China

Entry Date into the Medicinal Chemistry PhD program: Fall 2013

Research Interests

  • Protein engineering
  • Biocatalyst development                                                  


  • Poster Presentation Winner – Student Category, 2017 UF Drug Discovery Symposium


  1. Ran Zuo, Yi Zhang, Chao Jiang, John C Hackett, Rosemary Loria, Steven D Bruner, Yousong Ding. Engineered P450 biocatalysts show improved activity and regio-promiscuity in aromatic nitration (2017) Scientific Reports 7, 842
  2. Akash K Basak, Yasmeen Abouelhassan, Ran Zuo, Hussain Yousaf, Yousong Ding, Robert William Huigens. Antimicrobial peptide-inspired NH125 analogues: bacterial and fungal biofilm-eradicating agents and rapid killers of MRSA persisters (2017) Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 15, 5503
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  6. Ran Zuo, Ruibo Hu, Guohua Chai, Meiling Xu, Guang Qi, Yingzhen Kong, Gongke Zhou. Genome-wide identification, classification, and expression analysis of CDPK and its closely related gene families in poplar (Populus trichocarpa) (2013) Molecular Biology Reports, 40 (3), 2645
  7. Guohua Chai, Ruibo Hu, Dongyuan Zhang, Guang Qi, Ran Zuo, Yingping Cao, Peng Chen, Yingzhen Kong, Gongke Zhou. Comprehensive analysis of CCCH zinc finger family in poplar (Populus trichocarpa) (2012) BMC Genomics, 13 (1), 253
  8. Guang Qi, Ruibo Hu, Li Yu, Guohua Chai, Yingping Cao, Ran Zuo, Yingzhen Kong, Gongke Zhou. Two poplar cellulose synthase-like D genes, PdCSLD5 and PdCSLD6, are functionally conserved with Arabidopsis CSLD3 (2013) Journal of Plant Physiology 170 (14), 1267
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  12. Na Chen, Zenwen Wen, Ran Zuo, Cuiyan Zhou, Jiancheng Hu. DG1 participates in the photosynthetic protein synthesis at the early stage of chloroplast development of Arabidopsis (2013) Genomics and Applied Biology ,32 (2)(in Chinese)

Contact Information

Email: zuoran@ufl.edu