Medicinal chemistry faculty secure multiple grants

Multiple faculty in the department of medicinal chemistry secured new grants beginning Sept. 1.

  • Guangrong Zheng, Ph.D., an associate professor, and Daohong Zhou, M.D., a professor of pharmacodynamics and radiation oncology and the Henry E. Innes Professorship of Cancer Research, received an mPI award with Jose Trevino, M.D., an assistant professor of surgery. The award from NCI is titles, “Use of BCL-xL Proteolysis targeting chimeras to treat pancreatic cancer.” This is a five-year award with a total budget of $2,628,320.
  • Headshots of Drs. Chris Xing, Hendrick Luesch and Guangrong ZhengHendrik Luesch, Ph.D., a professor and chair of medicinal chemistry and the Debbie and Sylvia DeSantis Chair in Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development, is a competing renewal of his NIH RO1 from the NCI “ Novel Targeted Anticancer Agents from Marine Cyanobacteria.” This is a five-year award with a total budget of $2,262,774.
  • Chris Xing’, Ph.D., a professor and the Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar Chair received a new award titled, “A Phased Clinical Trial of a Dietary Supplement Kava: Biomarker Changes and Anxiolytic Effects.” This is a two-year mPI award from NIH, National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health. The other PI is Carol Mathews, M.D. in psychiatry. This award has a total budget of $753,938.